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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

LATE UPDATE: I've uploaded video of this. It has to be seen to be believed: Lieberman acts as if "let's assume the best ... let's assume that nothing bad will happen" is a remotely reasonable thing to say about a vice-presidential pick. Even putting aside McCain's age and health, the entire reason for vice presidents is the fact that bad things can and do happen.

The fact that he feels he must frame his answer in this way indicates how uneasy even stalwart McCain supporters are about the idea of Palin actually taking office as president. The rest of us know after eight years of Bush that hope is not a plan.

I just heard Joe Lieberman explain on MSNBC that we don't need to worry about Sarah Palin's qualifications for the vice presidency because, and I'm quoting as best I can, "let's assume nothing bad will happen."


I hope that video is on YouTube soon.

UPDATE: (from the comments)

Andrea Mitchell: Do you feel Sarah Palin is qualified to be commander-in-chief if God forbid, something should happen to John McCain?

Joe Lieberman: Well…you know…let’s assume the best (chuckles uncomfortably). John’s in great shape, he’s gonna be the president and let’s assume that nothing bad will happen…why should we? But if it does…yes, she’ll be ready.