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Sunday, November 09, 2008

MyDD crunches some numbers on the youth vote.

CIRCLE now estimates that:
* 23 million young voters cast a ballot on Tuesday, an increase of 3.4 million over 2004.

* Youth turnout will likely top off at 52 - 53%. That would rival the 1992 turnout, and fall just short of the all time record of 55.4% set in 1972.

* Young voters accounted for 60% of the overall turnout increase. That for the whole electorate.

* CIRCLE still estimates that young voters made up 18% of the total electorate.
The big story still remains Obama's staggering 66 - 32% margin among youth...
It's my last year in this particular demographic, so I'm very glad to see what we pulled off. Republican strategists can't be happy with the way that map looks.