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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I put up some photos from our trip to San Francisco at Flickr. I got a little bit obsessive about taking pictures of signs, and after seeing the (excellent) Lee Friedlander exhibit at SFMOMA I got a little bit obsessed with taking Friedlanderesque pictures as well. (The Annie Liebowitz show at the Legion of Honor is also incredible, if you happen to pass through SF in the near future.)

From about the moment we landed I was in love with the town, and now I feel as though I'll never be allowed to live in a place so awesome. (San Franciscans are my people.)

One of my favorite Friedlander shots:

And one of the more striking Liebowitz shots:

That one's called "Fallen bicycle of teenage boy just killed by a sniper, 1994." That's sort of a down note to end a post about such a great trip on, so here are a few pictures that are little more fun, starting with Alcatraz.

Ah, that's better.