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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

NBC now saying that Clinton has canceled all her media events tomorrow, not just TV appearances.

Still waiting on the last 5%, but it sounds as though it's mostly academic at this point.

Chuck Todd: "It may have just ended tonight." He goes on to point to Super Tuesday (and in particular the shock Missouri victory) as another candidate for the decisive moment. Welcome to the party, Chuck. Tim Russert echoes: "We now know who the Democratic nominee will be."

Clinton has canceled all her morning show appearances, per Tim Russert.

Ambinder: Obama's receiving approximately three votes for every one vote that Clinton receives. With 9[0+] percent of the statewide vote out, he's narrowed the gap to within 20,000.

"Let me tell you, when all the votes are counted, when Gary comes in, I think you're looking at something for the world to see," Clay, an Obama supporter, said in a telephone interview from Obama's Gary headquarters. "I don't know what the numbers are yet, but Gary has absolutely produced in large numbers for Obama here."

If Obama is really able to pull this rabbit out of his hat tonight, I'll be so elated I won't even mention how much it looks like Lake County is waiting to see how many votes Obama needs before they report. So I'll just say it now: if Obama wins Indiana, and this then is the night he secures the nomination, in forty years they'll be talking about tonight the way they talk about Chicago and Mayor Daley in 1960.