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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm hearing that CBS has called Indiana for Clinton. But it looks like the Indiana margin will be significantly closer than the North Carolina margin, and NC was the bigger state to boot; overall, a good night.

Not to get ahead of ourselves, but I really think this may be, at long last, the turning point. Watch the supers for movement in the coming week.

I'm also more and more convinced that one of my dark horse candidates for VP, Claire McCaskill, is really the best choice. An old white man, even one like Wesley Clark or Joe Biden who brings a lot of foreign policy "cred" to the ticket, is just the wrong move for this moment—and even though it would be two Senators, I think she brings enough to the table otherwise that it'd be worth it.

UPDATE: Re: McCaskill, it occurs to me now that my neighbor saw her at the Durham headquarters the other day and that she said precisely that a lot of Obama-leaning supers have been waiting for the opportunity to move en masse...

So that's the missing link in the logic of this post.