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Monday, May 26, 2008

It's Memorial Day, so these links are for the heroes.

* Freeman Dyson has made a lot of people upset with his invent-our-way-out-of-it environmentalism-is-the-new-religion piece in this week's New York Review of Books. Real Climate dissects it, point by point, and my friend Alex Greenberg gets his shots in too.

* Outgoing Observer literary editor Robert McCrum gets nostalgic over the last ten years of books.

* Hanif Kareshi says your writing program breed maniacs.

Kureishi, himself a research associate on the creative writing course at Kingston University in London said, "One of the things you notice is that when you switch on the television and a student has gone mad with a machine gun on a campus in America, it's always a writing student.

"The writing courses, particularly when they have the word 'creative' in them, are the new mental hospitals. But the people are very nice."
* And did blogs kill the literary critic? Let's hope not.