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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Longtime Correspondent has drunk the Kool-Aid on James Jones for VP:

Born in the midwest, raised overseas; basketball; and exactly the right age/gender/demeanor to tickle Obie's father-yearnings. Then there's the self-satisfaction the Obama team will perpetually feel for having "changed the game" and gone "outside the box." That's actually a source of comfort, I would imagine. Because we love him so much, nobody's really admitting that Obama's non-oratorical personality is on the aloof, prickly, solitary side, and there's really no way he could amicably co-exist with any other Presidential hopeful. Bill Nelson is a cadaver, Webb and Clark are horrible campaigners and deeply weird men, Reed too obscure. If Jones has a pulse and a wife, my money immediately is all on him.
General Jones and his wife, Diane, reside in McLean, Virginia, and have four children and seven grandchildren. Check and mate.