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Monday, July 21, 2008 Guru Raj set up on a whim one night in 2004; now he gets email intended for Barack Obama.

The letters expressed a range of sentiments: simple incredulity (“R U REAL?”), electoral reassurance (“Don’t worry about California, they’re old fogies anyway”), mystical backing (“You represent the spirit of the Lotus sutra”), conspiratorial opposition (“Obama might not be a U.S. citizen and not qualified to run for president”), niggling criticism (“You were losing your OOMPH delivering your speeches in Texas and Ohio”), sound advice (“Don’t lose your humility”). Raj’s favorite e-mail was a nursery rhyme that went, “Hillery Dillery Dock / Obama will clean her clock / Monica’s a sin / Bu Ba fell in / Now she’s gotta deal with Barack.”

Other correspondents were more practical-minded—one extended an invitation to a Seder in Hyde Park (“We heard you were shooting a movie at the synagogue by our place”), while another expressed regrets (“I can’t make the meeting tomorrow, but I’d like to buy a shirt—preferably a medium”). At 11:14 P.M. on May 30th, a real-estate agent from Manhattan sent the following note to, as well as to and “Mr. Obama, good luck in the rest of the election year. Please let me know if you have any real estate needs.”