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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jon Rynn at Gristmill looks at Obama's energy plan and finds it wanting. Click the link, there's a long list of trouble-spots before we get to this summation:

Obama supporter Joe Romm, quoted at the beginning of this article, has said about Obama's plan: "This is an aggressive, achievable, and most important of all, a necessary energy plan. Kudos to Senator Obama and his energy team. Maybe he is The One."

I align myself with 1Sky, Al Gore, James Hansen, Lester Brown, Ross Gelbspan, Bill McKibben, and others when it comes to what I think is necessary if we're to avoid catastrophic climate change, and because of that I don't agree at all with Romm's conclusion.

Let me be clear: There is no question that Obama's energy plan is better than McCain's and a very big improvement over Bush. But I am convinced by my close reading of his energy plan that it is essential that efforts like the 1Sky campaign need to keep ramping up the pressure for a truly science-based program to deal with the climate crisis. We have an extremely short time-frame in which to do so. Obama (and McCain) needs to be pushed now and pushed if he is elected to revise a number of elements of his program.
Yeah, pretty much.