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Friday, August 29, 2008

John McCain has picked his VP, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and the blogotubes are aflame with Google searches.

* The MetaFilter post immediately runs with the abuse of power scandal. Yglesias echoes.

* Ezra Klein commenter Anthony points out the first obvious line of attack: ...Palin's "selection could be used to attack McCain for being disingenuous when he says Obama lacks the experience to be commander-in-chief." It would be a bit hard to center the campaign on experience when you're a 71-year-old man putting an Alaska governor with two years in office a heartbeat away from the presidency.

* Steve Benen calls it "the strangest running-mate decision since Dan Quayle":

Sarah Palin spent a year working as a commissioner for the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and has been governor for a year and a half. Now, she'll be the Republicans' vice presidential candidate, and if things go well for McCain, one heartbeat from the presidency. When it comes to being untested and unknown, Palin is in a league of her own.
* His predecessor at Political Animal, Kevin Drum, goes right for the joke: "Isn't Alaska a central front in the new Cold War?"

* Stephen Suh at Cogitamus is as shocked as me that McCain apparently honestly believes he can peel off significant numbers of Hillary supporters with a move like this. Even Kathryn Jean Lopez at the Corner doesn't believe that.

* Ambinder has a pro/con memo.

* And Kos keeps typing the wrong name.

I've decided to run with a reference to DC Comics hero Rene Montoya, who now operates as The Question under a mask that gives her a face without any features. Who is Sarah Palin? Good question.