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Thursday, September 25, 2008

We've talked before, more than once, about the incredible, world-historical suckiness of the second season of Heroes—so it's no surprise that the ratings were way down for the third season premiere. SF Signal, io9, and Ezra Klein all rightly panned the episode, which was very much a creative disaster. In addition to going back to the "Bad Future" illusion-of-plot gimmick—again—the show reminded me of nothing so much as a comic book with a new creative team: a hurried attempt to establish a new status quo and story engine as fast as possible and damn the logic of any of it. Heroes continues to borrow the very worst of comics, in other words, their disposability and their triviality—and takes nothing of the best.

For those who missed it, this was a real scene from the episode:

HIRO'S DEAD DAD (ON DVD): Hiro, there's a safe in this office. Never open it.
HIRO: I'm gonna open that safe.
HIRO'S DEAD DAD (ON DVD): Okay, so you opened the safe. But don't lose the piece of paper inside!
HIRO: [loses paper] Whoops!

Really, really, really very bad.