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Monday, September 22, 2008

Quick links for Monday morning.

* Dream tenure locations Portland and San Francisco top this year's list of most sustainable cities.

* Did I just say "tenure"? Dean Dad has predictions for higher education in the current financial crisis that don't look good.

5. More of the 'replace retired full-timers with adjuncts and hope for the best' approach to hiring. In the very short term, the cost savings from adjuncting-out the classes that had been taught by a high-seniority full-timer are significant. The damage to the institution is (usually) somewhat abstract at first, and hard to quantify, but the savings are concrete and easy to quantify. When the bulkhead is broken and water is rushing in, the quick fix holds real appeal. If last week's IHE article was right, and the pace of full-timers retiring will slow as the returns on their pensions slip into negative territory, then the pressure to adjunct-out the few who actually do retire will be all the greater. Expect an already unforgiving job market in the evergreen disciplines to get that much worse, at least until the dust settles.
* Is the financial crisis more dire than the climate crisis? $700B+ if you can guess the right answer.

* Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert sneak their way around the Emmy politics ban.

* And the This Week panel hates John McCain.