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Thursday, September 18, 2008

As someone who genuinely likes Barack Obama and genuinely dislikes John McCain (2008), I have to admit to feeling a certain amount of joy this week. The McCain camp just can't seem to do anything righ. I came home from the library today to find, just for instance, the following breaking news from McCainLand:

* Sarah Palin promises to institute as one of her major reforms Barack Obama's successful "Google for Government" law from 2006.

* John McCain, fresh from planning regime change in Spain, promises to get tough and fire someone the president doesn't have the authority to fire.

* Then the McCain campaign decides to preemptively accuse Obama of lying about it.

* The polls are showing that Palin is the strategic mistake she's always seemed to be.

* And FiveThirtyEight has characteristically excellent swing state analysis, showing just how deep in the weeds McCain actually is.

McCain Offense States
New Hampshire -1.6
Michigan -3.1
Pennsylvania -3.5
Wisconsin -4.5
Minnesota -4.9
In other political news, Bill O'Reilly is officially the last person on Earth to realize what a horrible disaster Bush has been as president. So I guess that's pretty much everyone.

I know things can change quick in this business, but it's been a wonderfully bad week for Republicans. Schadenfreudelicious.