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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Early Voting begins today in North Carolina, so beat the rush and get yourself down to a voting place. Things are remarkably busy down at the Durham County Board of Elections—when Jaimee and I voted about half an hour ago we were already voters #485 and #486. I could be wrong, but those seem like pretty big numbers for the first day of early voting in the middle of October.

Here's a list of the early voting locations statewide, and here are directions to the site closest to Duke. New this year, there's also an early voting location on Duke's campus, which should boost student voting considerably—things kick off today with a big get-out-the-early-vote rally at Griffith Theater at 1 PM with Kay Hagan, Jim Hunt, and Bev Purdue.

You do not need to have registered in advance to vote during the early voting periods. Here are some details on the rules and the documents you'll need.

Don't let Barack down, NC!