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Monday, October 20, 2008


* "It's not as safe, it's bad for our planet and it's clearly more expensive": Why can't we just stop drinking bottled water?

* Climate change 'faster and more extreme' than feared.

* A specter is haunting American environmentalism – the specter of failure. All of us who have been part of the environmental movement in the United States must now face up to a deeply troubling paradox: Our environmental organizations have grown in strength and sophistication, but the environment has continued to go downhill, to the point that the prospect of a ruined planet is now very real. How could this have happened?

* And according to Peter Salonius, a Canadian soil biologist, "humanity has probably been in overshoot of the Earth's carrying capacity since it abandoned hunter gathering in favor of crop cultivation (~ 8,000 BCE)."

* This week's icon is eco-tastic too—it's a Greenpeace poster labeled "Stop the catastrophe" I found at The rejoinder in the tag is borrowed from Tim Morton: The catastrophe has already happened.