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Friday, October 03, 2008

John McCain is a straight-talking maverick who would never say one thing to one audience and a different thing to a different audience. Except, you know, when he does:

Yesterday during an interview with the Denver Post, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) claimed, “I will not and have never supported renegotiating the Colorado River Compact,” an agreement that “governs how seven Western states, including Colorado and Arizona, share the Colorado River“:
MCCAIN: And by the way, whatever misinterpretation there may have been, I will not and have never supported renegotiating the Colorado River Compact. … Never, Never would I support a renegotiation of the Colorado River Compact. Please. No. Got it?
But less than a month ago, McCain did exactly that. He told the Pueblo Chieftain, that the compact “obviously, needs to be renegotiated“:
MCCAIN: I don’t think there’s any doubt the major, major issue is water and can be as important as oil. So the compact that is in effect, obviously, needs to be renegotiated over time amongst the interested parties.
This is an under-the-radar story for most of the people in the country, but as some smart folks noticed at the time, it could make a big difference in what's emerged as a crucial swing state.