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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Post-post-game, they're crying on FreeRepublic and The Corner (see especially 1, 2). They saw what the polls and what the pundits saw: another clear win for the already leading Democrats, with the first real and potentially seriously damaging debate gaffe coming out of their own guy's mouth.

What I find really fascinating, though, is the continued insistence on right-wing sites that none of this is Sarah Palin's fault. Some of the posts at the Corner are even calling for her to start running a shadow candidacy against Obama for 2012 (and in fairness it seems to me that's exactly what she's been trying to do since the VP debate). But are you joking? Not only will she go down in history as the absolute worst VP selection ever, eclipsing Quayle and even Eagleton in terms of damage done to the ticket, but she's a walking talking national punchline. I hope she does run in 2012, because I'd really like to see Obama's reelection bid cross 500 EVs. But Republicans should hope she goes back to Alaska and never comes out.