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Sunday, October 19, 2008

It hasn't aired in North Carolina yet, but TPM reports that disgraced former Secretary of State American hero Colin Powell did indeed endorse Barack Obama this morning on Meet the Press. More at TPM Election Central.

UPDATE: Within a half hour, Drudge is there to pull the inevitable lever:

UPDATE 2: MSNBC has the video.

UPDATE 3: As I wrote in the comments, contrary to my expectations before watching it I found this a very eloquent and moving endorsement that among other things completely eviscerates the smear campaign McCain has run, most devastatingly the neo-McCarthyism of people like Michelle Bachmann and the really vile disparagement of Muslim-Americans from high-ranking officials in the Republican party. It's one hell of an endorsement from a figure who still matters to a lot of people, if not to lefty bloggers.