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Friday, November 07, 2008

The Blueing of America: Pharyngula has your images of the day, the county-by-county election results and the same map rescaled to reflect population. America's getting bluer, which can also be seen in Kevin Drum's comparison of pro-Democratic voting records in 2004 and 2008:

# Income $200,000 or more (+34)
# First-time voters (+33)
# No high school (+27)
# Latinos (+27)
# 18-29 year olds (+25)
# Under $15,000 (+21)
# Full-time workers (+19)
# Urban (+19)
# Non-gun owners (+18)
# Non-religious (+16)
# Parents with children under 18 (+16)
These numbers look good for the future, and the youth numbers are especially important for the reasons I discussed yesterday.

The turnout numbers are getting more and more interesting—it turns out this was a record year for Democratic turnout, not turnout overall. A lot of Republicans just stayed home.