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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Glenn Greenwald says Obama and the new Democratic Congress should repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. I'm actually a little more optimistic on this front than other people I know, but that's not to say I'm optimistic. I think Obama is a remarkable politician and certain to be a better president than any we've seen, but in the end he remains a politician and the cost/benefit analysis still cuts against us*. Those of us who believe in marriage equality—and more importantly those people whose basic happiness and quality of life depend on it—are likely to spend some time under the bus, "waiting for the second term," especially after this week's tragic spectacle of California of all places rejecting equality.

I have significantly more faith in the courts doing the right thing on marriage—sadly creating a Roe v. Wade for the 21st century in the process—than the national Democrats taking a stand for basic civil rights. Prove me wrong, guys.

* precisely because the national Democrats refuse to show leadership on GLBT issues