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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

9:22 Now NBC calls Ohio for Obama. That's all it takes. Obama wins.

9:17 Fox News takes back the Ohio call! Gasp!

9:15 Ben Smith says Virginia is "edging" towards Obama.

9:12 Ben Smith reports that an Obama landslide is, perversely, bad for marriage equality. I'd hoped it might go the other way—I really hope Prop 8 fails.

9:05 Fox News calls Ohio for Obama. If that's true, he's the president.

9:02 Arizona, too close to call? I doubt that.

9:00 Minnesota and Wisconsin easy Obama wins. Still looking for the Bush-state defection that gives him the presidency.

McCain takes North Dakota.

8:51 McCain Camp: "At this point, we need a miracle."

8:43 Steve Schmidt takes that first crucial step towards throwing Sarah Palin under the bus.

QUESTION: And the pick of Palin for you guys? Are you happy with that?

A: You know, we’ll uh, I’m not going to do, there’ll be time for all the post mortems in the race.

FOLO: But are you happy with what she’s done for the ticket?

A: I think that, you know, I think we’ll know in a few hours what the results are, you know and I, there’ll be a time for all the post mortem parts of it. That’s not this afternoon before the polls close.
8:36 McCain wins Georgia. My superultrawickedmega landslide is out of reach, but still, so far so good.

8:30 A bit of bad news: Virginia switches back to "too close to call" from "too early to call."

8:21 Fox News calls it against Liddy. V-NC!

8:15 Shaheen beats Sununu in New Hampshire. +1 towards 60.

8:13 Matthews steals my bit, calls Howard Dean Obama's "St. John the Baptist." This is a deeply underappreciated fact. While I think we would have gotten Obama either way, we probably wouldn't have gotten this Obama, or this victory.

8:04 Scarborough calls Pennsylvania "fool's gold for Republicans." Too true.

8:03 Florida and Missouri too close to call...

8:01 New Hampshire, too! Whoo again!

8:00 NBC calls PA immediately! Whoo!

7:50 Lots of states closing at 8 PM:
Alabama,Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, DC
7:30 North Carolina is too close to call, Ohio too early to call.

At 7:30: Polls close in North Carolina and Ohio (and West Virginia).

7:25 Harold Ford, Jr. says they're seeing good things for Democrats in Alaska. Stevens presumably going down?

7:17 Where's Keith's "Mission Accomplished" banner?

7:14 Lots of people pointing to Vigo County in Indiana, a historical bellweather which Bush won 53-47 last time around and where Obama leads 56-42 with half the votes counted.

7:11 Buchanan endorses the Canavan Thesis, calls this a transformational election like 1980 or 1932. He goes on to say that "the conservative era has passed." That must be like ashes in his mouth.

7:07 Scarborough: "This is a total repudiation of the Republican brand."

Matthews: "It's 10 after 7, Joe!"

7:07 Scarborough: "For the first time since the 1930s," we get two landslides for the same party in a row.

7:05 Mitch McConnell too close to call. Let's send a message...

7:04 Re: Indiana, Nate Silver number-crunches.
Just looking at some of the places where we have results in so far. Obama is substantially outperforming Kerry -- which is what he needs to do to win the state, of course, but the differences are pretty substantial.

Steuben: Kerry 34%, Obama 42%
DeKalb: Kerry 31%, Obama 38%
Knox: Kerry 36%, Obama 54%
Marshall: Kerry 31%, Obama 50%
7:03 Warner wins!

7:02 Matthews elaborates on the Indiana call: "If you're rooting for Barack Obama," I paraphrase, "that's good news, because if the Republicans are fighting to hang onto Indiana they're probably losing in Ohio."

7 PM Indiana is too close to call. Too early to call in Georgia. Too early in call in South Carolina. Too early to call in Virginia, but K.O. is trying to hint that's good news.

7 PM Polls close in the first six. McCain wins Kentucky, Obama wins Vermont, everyone owes Steve a dollar.

6:54 Norah O'Donnell just read on-air a text-message from a Republican strategist in North Carolina, claiming that "Democrats in North Carolina have hung Bush like an albatross around Dole's neck that will likely sweep her out of office." Yes, we can!

6:46 A subdued McCain came to the back of the plane to talk to reporters on the flight from New Mexico back to Arizona.

Cindy McCain, who stood beside her husband, had tears in her eyes.

6:40 Howard Fineman says that the late Rev. Wright slime ads in Pennsylvania may have massively driven up turnout in African-American areas. For what it's worth.

6:36 Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has a shit-eating grin on his face, for whatever that's worth.

6:27 Olbermann and Matthews going at it on MSNBC over whether or not Obama broke his word on public financing. Even after David Gregory cuts them off you can still hear them fighting in the background. I smell a sitcom.

6:21 Is anyone else as nervous as me? Can't we just hurry this thing up?

6:11 Scarborough is on MSNBC already more or less calling it for Obama, saying that the Republicans he's talking to just don't have the fire this time around. "All the energy seems to have switched to the other side," he says. Joe's looking forward to 2012 to see how demoralized we Obama voters feel four years into his presidency.

6:00 PM The polls have closed in the eastern part of Indiana, but the real magic doesn't start until 7 PM, when Georgia, Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina and Vermont close.

6:00 PM Results liveblog. I'll stay in this same post basically all night, so put your thoughts in the comments and I'll bring some of them into the liveblog as we go.