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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Wes Anderson talks to the A.V. Club as part of his promotion for the release of the Bottle Rocket Criterion Collection DVD.

AVC: You've become sort of a polarizing figure in film-buff circles, in that you have some people who are devoted to your work and others who absolutely can't stand what you do, and use you as an example of what's wrong with indie filmmaking. How do you react to that?

WA: Well, it's a bit of a drag. I guess I try to insulate myself from it by not reading too much of that kind of material. It's not usually that great of an idea to read lots of reviews of your movies, because even if somebody's saying nice things, there'll still be something in there that pushes the wrong button, and it's not really that helpful. Having said that, I am aware of what you're talking about. [Laughs.] Even when we did Bottle Rocket, that was just exactly the experience the audience had with that movie. There were people who loved it, but there were lots of people who just hated it. I still don't understand why what I do tends to inspire those kinds of reactions.