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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Will Morbius, the Living Vampire, be the Big Bad in Spider-Man 4? I remember seeing this character in the animated series when I was a kid—he certainly seemed ridiculous then, though some of that may have to do with silly network interference. (Aside: Who knew Morbius was a part of Blade's backstory?)

If I were Sam Raimi—and I am—I'd go the whole other way with it. All humans: Spider-Man vs. the cops, Spider-Man vs. terrorists, Spider-Man vs. Kingpin, Spider-Man vs. Black Cat, Spider-Man vs. Punisher, Spider-Man vs. Kraven the Hunter. (Spider-Man vs. the Vulture! Spider-Man vs. the Terrible Tinkerer! And so on.) Part of what was deeply wrong with Spider-Man 3, I think, was that the bizarre physical properties of Sandman hadn't been earned—it turned the franchise into (yes) a cartoon. An all-human ensemble would immediately restore suspension-of-disbelief and thereby restore credibility. Cut the next few song-and-dance numbers and you're halfway there.

I'll give Raimi the Lizard because he's kind of been grandfathered in, but leave Hydro-Man and the Rhino at home this time around...