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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday links part two.

* The headline reads, "Civil War Raging in Right-Wing Blogosphere." It is simple impossible for me to believe that the founder of Little Green Footballs has become a leading voice for calm and reasoned discourse among the wingnuts. That's a perfect demonstration of just how crazy things have gotten over there.

* Crooked Timber talks about neoliberalism and the euphemism treadmill.

* There's a lot to be said for this article at the Valve arguing that a first book no longer be considered the "gold standard" for tenure—but all the same admitting that most of what your discipline produces not only isn't being read but isn't worth reading in the first place seems like something of a bad strategy for academics.

* The film version of Isaac Asimov's deeply underappreciated time travel story, The End of Eternity, has a director.

* And the Guardian has your quiz on literary apocalypses.