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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tivo alert: As yesterday I'm settling down to watch the heroic South Africans upset the hated Brazilians and I may or may not have some comments to make about what I see. I'll put everything behind this [+/-], but try to stay away from my RSS feed if you're taping the game.

Game is starting now. Updates are live as the game progresses. [+/-]

12 min: Brazil just got off their first shot, saved by the goalie, Itumeleng Khune. But Brazil is getting around South Africa's defense fairly easily—after the shot you could see Khune gesticulating angrily at his defenders.

29 min: South Africa picking things up—heartbreaking save by the Brazilian goalie on a penalty kick a minute or so ago.

36 min: Brazil actually a little bit on the defensive here.

42 min: Geez, that one was close. Kaka just got unlucky.

43 min: And South Africa matches with a shot of their own that was thisclose. Amazed to see South Africa keeping Brazil scoreless at the half.

45 min: Spoke to soon? Tsepo Masilela hit with a yellow card, Brazil gets a free kick right at the start of stoppage time.... Blocked!

60 min: Still scoreless. What a game from South Africa.

74 min: Still scoreless!

87 min: Shit! Brazilian goal off a penalty kick with three minutes to go.

Heartbreaker. Tough luck for the US for Sunday.