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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

As you can see it's a little bit hectic this week. A few links:

* I've got another review in the Indy this week, this one about an upcoming fiction anthology on bad breakups.

* Five things you didn't know about District 9.

The District 9 alien homes were actually shot in a recently evacuated area of impoverished housing. The homes you see the aliens getting evicted from were homes that humans had recently been kicked out of, for real.
* The latest hints from the White House suggest that they have finally realized that Republicans are not negotiating in good faith and that Democrats will have to go it alone. This, combined with the fervor over the no-public-option trial balloon and the subsequent back-peddling, are good reason for optimism. Here's one way it might happen.

* 'Whole Foods under financial pressure.'

* Quentin Tarantino, Socrates in a dive bar.