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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A few links before I head back to class, all but the last from the good people at MetaFilter:

* 'Striking Out': On the surprising failure of labor stoppage in America. (thread)

* The lie at the bottom of the fantasy goes something like this: serious college football players go to college for some reason other than to play football. These marvelous athletes who take the field on Saturdays and generate millions for their colleges are students first, and football players second. They are like Franciscan monks set down in the gold mine. Yes, they play football, but they have no interest in the money. What they’re really living for is that degree in criminology.

Of course, no honest person who has glimpsed the inside of a big-time college football program could actually believe this.

* Elena Dorfman photographs the strange worlds of cosplay and RealDolls. (thread)

* John Scalzi goes inside the Creation Museum. Here are photos. (thread)

* The Obama speech that's got everyone Baracking again.