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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ugh, looks like Clinton won. My prediction for next week is still a significant Obama victory in South Carolina—hard to see that not happening—followed by Edwards dropping out and presumably endorsing Obama, for whatever it's worth.

No clue at all how this affects the possibility of a Gore endorsement before Super Tuesday, which is Obama's other major potential ace in the hole...

UGHDATE: Double ugh.

UGHDATE 2: Watch this story: the Obama campaign is talking about widespread election irregularities.

We currently have reports of over 200 separate incidents of trouble at caucus sites, including doors being closed up to thirty minutes early, registration forms running out so people were turned away, and ID being requested and checked in a non-uniform fashion. This is in addition to the Clinton campaign’s efforts to confuse voters and call into question the at-large caucus sites which clearly had an affect on turnout at these locations. These kinds of Clinton campaign tactics were part of an entire week’s worth of false, divisive, attacks designed to mislead caucus-goers and discredit the caucus itself.
True or not, this seems like exactly the wrong thing to say after a close loss—but what do I know. In any event, it looks like maybe he doesn't want to be vice president after all...