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Monday, June 02, 2008

Despite chants of "Denver! Denver!" from angry supporters at the RBC meeting, and despite Harold Ickes's spittle-flecked diatribe that same night, Huffington Post and Drudge (1, 2) are running with stories that Hillary Clinton will in fact suspend her campaign tomorrow, with supporting evidence pouring in from such sites as The Field, Daily Kos, TPM and Politico. At long last.

Meanwhile, in other political news, the Politco has an interesting piece making the case that support from the Drudge Report has boosted Obama. (Via The Stump.) There's three things to keep in mind here: first that Drudge has just as often gone after Obama, especially about the Wright nonsense; second that Drudge made his name taking down Bill Clinton and that there's no love there, even given the Clinton campaign's attempts to cozy up to Drudge this cycle; and third that Drudge is a complete and unrepentant scumbag and one of the single worst actors in both American politics and media culture.

As the Clintons learned very well this primary, the scorpion lets you take him halfway across the river first.