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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Today's Calvin & Hobbes (originally run June 22, 1987) brings back to mind one of the strip's better running gags: Calvin's perennial polling of his father's performance as "Dad." For some reason people who should know better keep breathlessly reporting the daily oscillations of months-out national polls as if they actually mean something—and given that we still have (at least) 91 more days of this silliness, I think we can all use the reminder.

Thanks to this extremely exhaustive Calvin & Hobbes archive and search engine for the images.

December 2, 1985

January 28, 1986

March 18, 1986

August 30, 1986
(this one's my favorite)

July 24, 1987

April 11, 1988

April 12, 1988

November 7, 1988

January 3, 1992

April 30, 1992

September 20, 1993

July 26, 1994

And probably the most important comment on the state of democracy in a mass-media culture in the entire run of Calvin & Hobbes, March 1, 1994:

UPDATE: Okay, two more, also highly appropriate for the moment.

September 2, 1988

August 31, 1992