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Thursday, October 02, 2008

CBS poll: 46-21 say Biden won.

...which is good news for people like me, as I can now conclude that my utter disdain for Palin is shared by the Real Americans™ as well. I share Kevin Drum's assessment:

I'll be honest: I genuinely didn't understand about 50% of what Sarah Palin said. She pretty overtly didn't even pretend to address a lot of Ifill's questions — probably because she couldn't — and a lot of her filibustering ended up sounding like random strings of phrases from the Hockey-Mom-o-Bot 3000. This was especially true as time wore on. If nothing else, this makes it almost impossible to judge the substance of what she believes, and despite the fact that she "connects" with ordinary people, I have a feeling that an awful lot of ordinary people weren't impressed with this.
CNN poll: Big win for Biden.
Biden 46%
Palin: 21%
Tie: 33%
That was CBS. Here's CNN:

“Who Did the Best Job In the Debate?” Biden 51% Palin 36%
Olbermann is not having the idea that Palin did well. Glad he's out there tonight.

Begala says Palin's running for 2012. Absolutely. And I can't wait.

Think Progress has a good round-up of immediate pundit reactions, which mostly focus on the fact that Palin's answers were rehearsed and often completely off-topic. Rachel Maddow hits the same point as me, that he won and she lost in the moment where he almost teared up and she responded with more empty maverick talk. I'll put video up when it's available. (UPDATE: Here.)

CNN's focus group shows an overwhelming victory for Biden. They're doing their poll now—"results soon."