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Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday links. Jaimee got her wisdom teeth out today and is pretty out of it, so that's my focus today. But between ice-pack rotation and gauze changes here are a few links:

* Via Srinivas, I see the Supreme Court has ruled in a (what else?) 5-4 decision that inmates do not have the right to DNA tests. Let Justice Stevens tell you why this makes no sense.

“For reasons the state has been unable or unwilling to articulate,” Justice Stevens wrote, “it refuses to allow Osborne to test the evidence at his own expense and to thereby ascertain the truth once and for all.”
* Elsewhere in the annals of justice: a Minnesota woman has been ordered to pay the RIAA $1.92 million for illegal filesharing. The 24 songs in question could have been downloaded for $2 each, so we can clearly see how the jury arrives at such a reasonable sum.

* The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao is the class of 2013's summer read at Duke. I just started this last night and I can confirm it's very good; it's targeted like a laser at 1990s Jersey nerds.

* Is there any company better at the PR game? 'Pixar grants girl's dying wish to see 'Up.'

* Top Republican Environmental Achievements. Actually not a joke post.