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Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have about four months of magazines to catch up on. Let's start now with this month's Atlantic, which is actually pretty replete with interesting articles:

* Ross Douthat worries that the short memory of historians will allow the badness of the Bush years to be too quickly forgotten:

In this sense, it might be said that a too-keen awareness of the American tendency to associate great leadership with world-historical ambition has wrecked the presidency of George W. Bush. But the enthusiasm for Barack Obama and John McCain suggests that the yearning, on the left and right alike, for presidents who will pursue greatness has only been enhanced by the debacle in Iraq. This is good news for Bush, who has to hope that the same propensity that ruined his administration will redeem his reputation. But it’s dangerous news for America. Those who rehabilitate the follies of the past are condemned to repeat them.
* Professor X opens the books on teaching composition at a "college of last resort."

* And Gregg Easterbrook examines the asteroid menace.