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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hogan at Lawyers, Guns, and Money had a great comment yesterday summing up the last half-century of Democratic politics in America:

Roy Blount Jr once said that before Carter, assembling a national ticket and platform for the Democrats was always a matter of, "Well, we've baked this good nourishing pie here, but now we've got to put some shit in it, because otherwise the South won't eat it." Carter looked like a shit-free pie that the South would have to eat because that's where he was baked.

Clintonian triangulation is a weird inverse of that compulsion: the Republicans have convinced people to eat shit, so all we can do is try to put a little nourishment into that shit, rather than, say, convincing people that they don't have to keep eating shit.
Viva Obama. Via one of Matt Y.'s commenters.