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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Looking through my personal Three Guys archives for what I was writing on Election Day in '04, I came across a post from the next afternoon I hardly remember writing at all:

Obama '08?
Maybe I'll write Barack Obama a letter tonight. If he wants to form a North Carolina presidential exploratory committee tomorrow, I'll do whatever it needs.

I think we need to anoint someone as the front-runner for 2008 as soon as humanly possible, and, as my good friend Jenny T was saying earlier today, watch their back for the next four years. I'd very much like it to be Obama, rather than Hillary. And given how angry I am that the homophobia brigade swung last night's election, I'm not exactly sympathetic to the notion that "America just isn't ready for a black president yet" right now.

All I can say is, America better get ready. For a lot of things. We lost to a incumbent wartime president -- a man who had 90% approval ratings in September 2001 -- in a squeaker. And we did it with "the most liberal man in the Senate," a weak-kneed Francophile outofthemainstream "flip-flopper" from Taxachusetts.

Last night, 49% of the country firmly rejected the Bushist agenda. That 49% isn't wavering. We're steadfast. We're resolute. We're not letting these people drag our country back to the dark ages.

We have 49%. We only need 1 more.
I was wrong about anointing a front-runner—it's clear in retrospect that the long primary helped Democrats tremendously this year, perhaps even making the difference between victory and defeat on the one hand and victory and landslide on the other—but beyond that I think I called it fairly well. Of course, it doesn't match the eloquence of my first-ever post about Barack Obama, but what could?