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Monday, December 29, 2008

Igor Panarin's prediction that the United States will dissolve into six smaller nations (previously) is getting some attention today due to a piece on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. Leave it to Steve Benen to pooh-pooh.

Slate's Ryan Grim noted a recent report outlining Panarin's vision for the future of the U.S.: "He predicted that the U.S. will break up into six parts -- the Pacific coast, with its growing Chinese population; the South, with its Hispanics; Texas, where independence movements are on the rise; the Atlantic coast, with its distinct and separate mentality; five of the poorer central states with their large Native American populations; and the northern states, where the influence from Canada is strong."

If this reflects Panarin's knowledge of the country, I have a hunch we'll be fine.
I'm just glad to see my concerns about a nighttime flight to Jersey were misplaced: North Carolina will apparently be joining the European Union too.

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