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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday 2.

* Caprica: actually not bad? Will I really allow myself to be roped in by Ron Moore again? The worst parts of the pilot are the parts that force the tie-in to BSG; I wish the show could have been green-lit without it.

* Dollhouse tidbits: an easter egg from the last episode pointing to the true owners of the Dollhouse and an answer to the question of what's going on with Fred/Dr. Saunders/Whiskey.

I'm not your friend in here, Echo
Looks more and more as if Fred's body, the former Whiskey, was imprinted with a copy of Dr. Saunders after the original was killed by Alpha. I think this accounts for both why she hates the Dollhouse and why she won't act against it; she needs it to continue to exist.

* A six-part interview with Alan Moore at Newsarama from my new friend and local writer Zack Smith. Via MeFi.