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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Karl Marx visits the Crayola factory. Via Boing Boing.

Try to imagine how wide the splatter pattern would be when Karl Marx's head explodes at the idea of a privately held corporate marketing theme park that performed a simulacrum of the labor-alienating process of industrialized manufacturing; in order to approximate a distant childhood experience of watching a television show which romanticized the original, actual alienating manufacturing process; which nostalgia is induced to stimulate consumption of the corporation's product; which is, in fact, an endless array of craft supplies for children, the very embodiment of the much-praised artisan and the educational ideal of creativity and self-expression; which all happen to be available for sampling and experimentation right here at the theme park, which by now is revealed to be a sprawling demand generation engine, and damned if you're gonna drive this far and not get something to take home besides memories and a couple of gloppy paintings made with giant rubber fish...